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Shining a Light From Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Shining a Light From Your Assisted Living Apartment

Psalm 18:28 says "You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light."

Not only does God turn our darkness into light, he calls us to shine that light into the world around us. That shining isn't so others can see our brightness, but so they can see the work of Christ in us. Living in an assisted living community doesn't remove God's call to be a light in the darkness of the world; in some ways, being a part of a community like that at Hickory Villa in Omaha, NE, makes it more important to be a beacon.

To put it more simply and borrow from the lyrics of a favorite tune, don't hide your light under a bushel.

Tips for Shining Your Light in a Senior Living Community

The world offers so many excuses we can accept for not shining our light to those around us. Health issues, losses and even the unpausing daily grind (which we know can happen in retirement too) can burden us and make us less likely to glow for God. But here are some tips to help keep your light clear of the bushel and brightly lit so Satan can't blow it out.

Rest Secure in the Knowledge of God's Love

One reason we don't shine as brightly as we might is because we're not fully convinced that we're worthy to do so. Everyone has a past, and no person other than Jesus has ever been perfect. It can be easy to let the past overwhelm us and make us feel like we're not someone who is up for the task of sharing God's light with others.

And yet, the Bible tells us that God's love is unending and that he loves us no matter what. While we're supposed to try to live the best life we can and emulate Christ in our actions, just because we fall off that wagon from time to time doesn't mean we should shield our light from others.

Know There's No "Go Big" Requirement

Let's be honest. God's already gone big. And the enormousness of both creation and Jesus's sacrifice for us still remains. So if you're waiting to shine your light because you've bought into a "go big or go home" premise, know that little things matter just as much. In fact, the Bible is full of stories of God turning little things into big things for His glory — even when the person shining the light only had a few pieces of coin, a single jar of oil or a couple of fish and loaves of bread in a basket.

You don't have to preach the Gospel loudly in the assisted living community halls to shine a light. One way to do so in small ways every day is to attempt to live out the fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Shine Your Light Along With Others

While everyone needs at least some time to themselves on a regular basis — and quiet time alone with God — as humans, we're not generally built for long-term isolation. Even introverts need time with like-minded friends and family, so look for ways you can shine your light alongside friends in the Hickory Villa community. Some options include on-site worship and Bible studies, but you can also start your own prayer groups or simply gather together for regular fellowship in any of the common areas or your own apartment.