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Five Ways to Read More for Your Faith

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Five Ways to Read More for Your Faith

December is Spiritual Literacy Month, and with the holidays encroaching and making schedules busy, this is a great time for residents at Hickory Villa to make a commitment to spending more time reading to support their faith.

One reason to bolster your faith-based reading habit in December is because it promotes seeking some quiet, restful time during a season that can be overwhelming. Plus, with the new year approaching and the reason for the season causing many to turn toward spiritual thoughts, it's a great time to cement a new habit.

If you're looking for ways you can add faith-based literature to your reading habit, here are five tips for doing so in your assisted living apartment.

1. Start a book club or swap

Get other Hickory Villa residents involved in faith-based reading with a book club or swap. A book club doesn't need to be formal; simply gather some friends, decide on a book to read and spend some time discussing it over coffee in your assisted living apartment or in one of the community common areas.

A book swap simply means a group of friends each invests in a faith-based book and then you trade them when you're done reading. That lets you all read more books for the price of one.

2. Download a Bible app on your smartphone or tablet

If you want to spend faith-based reading time in the Word, make it more convenient with an app. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download options such as Bible Gateway's app and have access to Scripture anywhere you have a data or WiFi connection. Since most of these apps come with multiple Bible versions, you can cross reference Scripture, and many apps also include commentaries or research resources.

3. Invest in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program

Those who enjoy inspirational fiction can get their fill of it through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. If you have an Amazon Kindle device or other compatible tablet or computer, you can pay $9.99 per month to access unlimited reading material through KU. You can check out up to 10 books at a time, though you're limited to books that are being marketed under this program. With hundreds of inspirational fictional titles available on any day, though, you're unlikely to run out of material.

4. Check out the C. S. Lewis Institute

If you lean toward nonfiction, visit the C.S. Lewis Institute website. You'll find articles from thought leaders in theology and Christian apologetics as well as excerpts from the classics — including writings from C.S. Lewis himself.

Seniors who want a more scheduled approach to faith-based reading can look into the various series offered by the Institute, and the seasonal publications and newsletters ensure there's always something to mull over.

5. Find your next daily devotional

If your time is limited and you want to get your faith-based reading in 15 minutes at a time, consider opting for a daily devotional. Bible Gateway has numerous online devotionals you can choose from, and they'll even email you the daily devotional from whatever theme you choose. And if hard copy is more your style, a visit to the local Christian book store lets you choose from dozens of options to fill your faith-based reading time.