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4 Outdoor Activities that Won't Make You Sweat This Summer

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4 Outdoor Activities that Won't Make You Sweat This Summer

Staying cool in the summer months is important, particularly if your body no longer regulates heat very well. But how can you resist the wonderful weather outside? It’s bright and sunny, you’ve been pent up inside all winter, and that means it’s time to enjoy some sunshine. Here’s how to enjoy your Omaha summer without breaking a sweat this year.

1. Go for a mid-morning or early-evening gentle stroll

Walking is a great activity to get your heart rate up a bit, get some exercise in and explore your community and neighborhood. But walking during the hottest part of the day can lead to sweating, discomfort or even heatstroke.

Beat the heat and enjoy a gentle stroll this summer by choosing to get your steps in during morning or early-evening hours. Getting out before the heat of the day begins or after it has dissipated still gives you the chance to enjoy some sunlight and breeze without risking your health.

2. Try outside yoga

Are you a yoga fanatic or a newbie who would like to enjoy the stretching and relaxation goodness yoga can bring? Grab your mat and head outdoors this summer. If you’d like to practice yoga by yourself, simply find a nice leafy tree that offers tons of shade and you’re set to go. Yoga is all about gentle movement, not strenuous exercise, so enjoy the breeze and let chirping birds be the soundtrack to your sessions.

3. Attend an outdoor performance or concert

The Omaha area offers a variety of outdoor concerts over the summer, some at low or no cost. Being out in the fading sunshine of early evening, gathering with friends and loved ones and celebrating the summer is a great way to enjoy some of your favorite music. Check out this list of events and find out if a shuttle from here at Hickory Villa to the event venue is an option if you and other residents want to enjoy a sweat-free outdoor activity this summer.

4. Bring your chess game to the yard

What activities and pastimes do you enjoy participating in with your friends and neighbors here at Hickory Villa? In many cases, you can pick up and move those activities outside to take advantage of nice summer weather without breaking a sweat.

More interested in having a bit of alone time outside enjoying the sun? Grab your favorite outdoor chair, or take advantage of lovely areas on our grounds. Bring along your book or tablet to enjoy for hours without having to exert yourself at all. Do remember, though, to bring some liquids along to sip on while outside so you can remain hydrated.

Incorporate the outdoors into your everyday routine

Going outdoors need not be a special event, even if you have physical limitations. Spend some time planning ahead and you can make enjoying the outdoors a standard part of your everyday routine.

As you’re thinking about this new routine, make sure to note times you need to take medication, dining hours and any appointments or ongoing events you may have to navigate around. Then, set aside a certain time of day, designate a special container to carry your water in as you walk, grab a buddy if you want, let our staff know if you need help navigating your way out and back in and hit the great outdoors.